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The firm is highly experienced in the provision of  alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, particularly Arbitration. The firm's primary objective is to ensure that disputes arising from the business and commercial activities of clients are effectively resolved with minimum expenditure of time and resources by clients. 

Our lawyers have been fully trained as arbitrators, we have a partner who is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and several other lawyers who are members of the institute.




Key Firm’s Experience

  • Successfully Represented A Nigerian Tower Company In A Claim Of $65 Million Dollars Against A Major Telecommunications Company In Nigeria Before An Adhoc Arbitral Panel.

  • Successfully Represented A Turkish National In A Claim Of Breach Of Agreement And Monetary Claim Against A Nigerian Company.

  • Successfully Represented a Nigerian Tower Company In A Dispute On The Termination Of A Lease Agreement Between The Company And A Landlord On One Of Its Base Transmission Station.

  • Representing A Client In A N1.2 Billion Damages Claim Against A Multinational Company.

  • Representing A Client In A N650 Million Contract Claim Against A State Government.

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